Our coastal heritage has given us a distinctive style that’s timeless and relaxed. The sea with all it’s moods plays a central role in our colour palate as do the dunes, grasses and shells. Sun-bleached shacks and fishing boats are referenced in the finishes. The result is furniture that’s unafraid to show it’s history and tell a story.

Seahorse Gully pieces are created from items rescued from misfortune and neglect. Being aware of the amount of waste produced by society and industry inspires me to renew these pieces for small batch and one off designs. The materials available set the course for each project. Every piece bears the Seahorse Gully label and is uniquely named after a Nova Scotian locale.

We want to sail gently on this planet and not leave a big wake. To scoop up the forlorn bits and once again offer them a new life. Enduring style and substance will always last.

Our method

Each piece is constructed from vintage, salvaged or recycled materials. New materials are used as little as possible. Items are sourced locally throughout the maritimes.

The paints and finishes used are water based. They are No or Low VOC formulations. No paint is wasted. Small amounts left over are used for the inside of drawers or on small decorative items created from any remaining bits.

These creations are one of a kind or very small batches of two or three. They have a history and patina that is part of their uniqueness. There is beauty in their imperfection.

Please take a look at the Gallery for examples of my work.